- the world’s first sticky resin free handball


SELECT has spent the last two years developing a sticky surface for handballs and as the
first company in the world to have reached this goal we are proud with the introduction of the

SELECT MAXI GRIP adds completely new features to the handball because of the unique sticky surface that provides excellent grip around the ball without the need of resin. The ball meets a major requirement from coaches and young players as well as less work with cleaning the floor.

The surface of the MAXI GRIP handball is sticky when you catch the ball, but when you release it, your hand remains clean with no traces of adhesive. MAXI GRIP is also a solution that does not leave traces on hands or sports floors, which now enables players who are not allowed to use resin (children, youngsters and amateur players) the chance to play with a ball with an adhesive surface.

The sticky surface will raise the level of the game as MAXI GRIP allows for much better ball
handling and a faster pace. A sticky grip is also of benefit to players e.g. the pivot player, who
typically receives the ball in fast, tight turns, and for practicing the complex finishing skills
employed by the top professional players. However, when the surface on the ball becomes damp from e.g. water or sweat, the sticky effect is reduced.

The SELECT MAXI GRIP ball is not made as a replacement for the use of resin at senior /
professional level.

The MAXI GRIP handball can be easily cleaned as needed, just with water. When the ball is dry, it quickly regains its adhesive properties. However, the adhesive effect will decrease after long periods of exercise with the ball, but the effect can be recreated and extended by regularly using the MAXI reGRIP adhesive. To achieve the best effect and longest durability, the ball should rest for 16-24 hours after application before reuse.

Under the MAXI GRIP surface, the handball has the well-known and highly renowned SELECT features. The basic MAXI GRIP is a good match and training ball, which is made from an HPU material and is available in four sizes. When the stickiness wears off after a period of time, the player still has a high-quality handball.
The ball is delivered with a unique ball bag, which ensures that the ball remains sticky as long as possible.

Neither MAXI GRIP nor MAXI reGRIP contain harmful substances and the ball has been tested by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), one of the world's leading testing and certification companies.



A: An innovative and newly developed handball from SELECT. The ball is the first in the world to have a sticky surface for better grip, hence the name. The ball’s sticky surface does not leave traces on hands or sports hall floors.

Q: Why have you made a handball with a sticky surface?
A: All handball players know that a sticky handball means a better grip. A better grip means
better ball handling and a faster pace. The sticky grip is usually achieved by using resin on the
hands and the balls. Children and youngsters are usually not allowed to use resin and in some
arenas resin is completely forbidden, so the MAXI GRIP is a good alternative to resin.

Q: Who is the target group?
A: The target group is children and young people as well as players who are not allowed to use
resin in their local handball arena. MAXI GRIP is an alternative for players, who can now
experience the benefits of having a sticky grip on the ball and thus improve their skills.

Q: Have clubs requested such a ball?
A: SELECT is the market leader when it comes to producing the best and most innovative
products. It is our experience that clubs like to see alternatives to using resin, so we have spent
the last two years developing this ball. As a market leader, we naturally want to be the first to
offer a resin free handball solution and will encourage clubs and players to use the MAXI GRIP
due to all the benefits of the ball.

Q: Won’t the ball collect dirt?
A: The ball can be washed occasionally to remove dirt from e.g. a sports hall floor.

Q: Does the ball stay sticky?
A: The ball’s sticky quality will diminish over time, from general tear and wear. When the ball
becomes wet from e.g. water or sweat from the hand, it loses its sticky quality, but once dry
again, the MAXI GRIP surface regains its sticky grip. The effect can also be recreated and
extended by regularly using the MAXI reGRIP adhesive. MAXI reGRIP is handsomely distributed
with the hands of the MAXI GRIP handball in an amount indicated on the label of the bottle.
Excessive adhesion on the hands is easily removed by washing with water and soap immediately
after usage.

Q: Can the ball be used for official tournaments?
A: MAXI GRIP is approved by the EHF, who recommends it for training. Compared to
tournaments, it is approved / legal in sizes 1½, 2 and 3, while the different national federations
have different rules on children's balls in sizes 0 and 1 regarding the use of adhesives. SELECT
hopes to change this with MAXI GRIP and MAXI reGRIP.

Q: Another manufacturer of handballs launched something similar earlier, so you can’t be
the first?
A: SELECT is the first ball manufacturer in the world to introduce a sticky handball that has been
tested and is production ready. The SELECT MAXI GRIP will become the first sticky handball you
can buy as a club or private individual.

Q: Another manufacturer of handballs is working to give IHF a handball that can stop the
need for resin at all levels, including senior and elite level. Is that also your intention?
A: We believe that handball players will be very interested in handballs with sticky surfaces, when
they come on the market. We are of the opinion that players who are used to use resin will still
prefer resin, as this still gives a more adhesive effect than a MAXI GRIP and MAXI reGRIP offer.

Q: Which technologies and materials give the ball its sticky quality?
A: The basic MAXI GRIP is a good quality match and training ball, which is made from an HPU
material and is available in four sizes. The MAXI GRIP technology that gives the ball its special,
sticky layer is a trade secret.

Q: Have you patented the MAXI GRIP product?
A: No, but the production method is a trade secret.

Q: Will there be more balls like the MAXI GRIP with a sticky surface in your range?
A: We have no plans for that currently.

Q: Have you tested the ball and what was the feedback?
A: We have worked with several handball clubs and we have had many players testing the MAXI
GRIP. The feedback was extremely positive from both coaches and players.

Q: Is MAXI GRIP not just an attention-seeking gimmick?
A: No. For many years now we have identified a need for a handball with a sticky surface, and we
have invested time and money in developing the SELECT MAXI GRIP, which will meet this need.
The ball therefore solves a specific problem, and we foresee that it will help develop the game
and make handball more fun for more players than before. The clubs gain a tool that will raise the
training level and talent in the handball clubs.

Q: You say the sticky surface diminishes? Will buyers not be disappointed?
A: We are very open about explaining the ball’s qualities. We clearly state that the sticky quality
will diminish over time and after general use and wear and tear. We also clearly explain that the
sticky quality will disappear temporarily if the ball gets wet from water or sweat, and that it should
be carefully wiped to retain its stickiness for as long as possible. With the use of MAXI reGRIP,
the adhesive effect on the ball will be restored and you will thus be able to maintain the great

Q: How shall the ball be stored in order to keep the stickiness as much and as long as
A: The ball should be stored at room temperature and must be kept away from dust. We
recommend that you use the bag that is delivered with the ball.

Q: Is there any guarantee on the ball?
A: Yes, there is two-years guarantee on shape and stitching.